- those spirits, faint and naked -

'Tis darkness all, or shadow of the flesh,
Or else it's poison.

- Dante Alighieri; The Divine Comedy

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Edward OkuńKrólewna w sadzie, gwasz, c. 1906
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Brutaliste collection by Elaine Ho
22:10"Something in me vibrates to a dusky, dreamy smell of dying moons and shadows." — Zelda Fitzgerald

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From Histoire et description du Château d’Anet by Pierre Désiré Roussel, 1875.
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Höstotta - IX© Heathen Harnow - please do not remove credit
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Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz - Mathesis biceps (1670). Detail. [x]
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mount saint michel
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"Spider Engineers" (1956)