- those spirits, faint and naked -

'Tis darkness all, or shadow of the flesh,
Or else it's poison.

- Dante Alighieri; The Divine Comedy

Earth Breathing - polyurethane on hand dyed rice paper stitched to canvas - 3.5ft x 3ft - 2014
16:46"[She bites God in the wrist]" — stage direction from Artaud’s  The Jet of Blood (via facina-oris)

(Source: dolorimeter, via lipstickmata)

16:04 oursoulsaredamned:

Pan by Austin Osman Spare
16:03 ancient-serpent:

L’inferno (1911)
16:00 dionyssos:

Emil Nolde : Der Tod als Tanzerin - 1918.
15:58 archaicwonder:

10th Century Viking Pendant of Thor’s Hammer

Cast with details added in silver filigree, the front decorated with a face mask at the top, the hair, eyes and mouth in spiral beaded silver wire, the nose a horizontal stripe of plain wire, the body bordered with lines of wire, with spiral motifs and applied dots in the field, pierced horizontally through the head for suspension on a thick ring with interlocking spiral terminals.
Valued at $8,000 - 11,000