- those spirits, faint and naked -

'Tis darkness all, or shadow of the flesh,
Or else it's poison.

- Dante Alighieri; The Divine Comedy

15:30 freakyfauna:

Fox with Mask.
Engraving by Aegidii Albertini Hirnschleiffer (1645). Found here (via ulvehund).
21:55 gerasimosmamonas:

21:52"Body, gabion, lit
cage of copper skin and threaded blood:

you’ll know one more death, as you knew you would.

I’ll puncture through, the hook
in you, though barely.

This time, a hare will flood out from the fox
warren of me, though its knees knock
and the stars slouch like fat coins in the mud.

It will burn softly, proudly, for leaving

no signs of passage. This floods like a sail
-shaped ear. So I press it to the wall." — Lo Kwa Mei-en, last lines to “Ephemera,” Crazyhorse (Fall 2010)

(Source: a-pair-of-ragged-claws, via commovente)

21:43 venusmilk:

Konstantin KalinovichEx libris P. Heikkila, 1991

Chela (Georgian folk song) by Hamlet Gonashvili
22:04 oursoulsaredamned:

Sergius Hruby, Komodie, 1933. Nov 26th 
20:32 elinka:

Mont Saint-Michel
by NVentFischer
20:13 bergtagen:

© Mimmi Strinnholm (http://instagram.com/thistlemilk)